Little Colorado River

The Little Colorado River in Greer includes the East, West and South Forks. Elevation ranges from 7,000 – 9,000 feet. This river was originally called Flax River by early Spanish explorers because of the abundance of wild flax growing along its banks. The East Fork is about six miles of very narrow creekbed and flowing water from Colter Reservoir to Greer. Just a few small brookies and rainbows swim here. The West Fork begins atop Mt. Baldy and flows north of Lee Valley to Sheep’s crossing on into Greer. In the upper reaches you’ll find a few brook trout; and around Greer a few small browns. The South Fork runs north, just east of Greer and flows into the main tributary. There’s a campground and cabin resort at South Fork (FR 560) and hiking trail #97 takes you back upstream. The area around Greer is quite impressive with its rolling meadows, wildflowers and forests. Little Colorado River fish species include Apache, Rainbow, Brown, and Brook trout. Access may be Paved or Gravel. Fishable miles of stream varies. The streams do experience Winter freeze. Live Bait Fish are prohibited. Note: there are areas of the river that are private and/or catch and release only. Arizona State Fishing Licenses are required.