West Fork Trail

Distance 7 Miles One Way
Elevation 8400’ to 9200’
Difficulty Moderate to Difficult
Usage Hiking, Biking, Horseback Riding
Directions The trail begins off Osborne road in Greer

The beauty of nature unfolds before hikers who make their way up this seven mile, one way trail. Walking the corridors of the ponderosa pines, the quiet of nature becomes apparent as the sounds of birds and the wind through the trees occasionally break the silence. Coming upon Badger Pond, where wild roses and raspberry bushes have been rumored to grow, hikers rest as they delight in its beauty. Two miles from the pond flows the Potato Hollow natural spring. Travelers along this path may encounter deer and elk known to roam beneath the canopy of aspens and pines.The trail’s end is indicated by the West Baldy Trail parking lot after passing through an open meadow. This trail is generally a steady uphill climb with a small portion having a steeper, rocky elevation change.